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The Psychology and Benefits of Transitioning

The Psychology and Benefits of Transitioning

A presentation outlining the benefits of the transition process to youth, as well as recommendations for schools, organizations, and policymakers. Also includes resources for transgender youth, families, and allies.

Becoming a Luthier

Becoming a Luthier

For my grade level project, I built a tenor ukulele. I learned how to use the necessary tools for the wood work, how to come up with the measurements, and made the construction plans to actually build the instrument completely without a kit. It took about nine months to fully finish!



I have been working on woodburning for a year and making this board for our Student of the Block display was a chance to try my skills on a bigger scale than I had done in the past. It is entirely wood burned and it took as many hours as a grade level project. I’m hopefully going to pain a boarder on some 2x4s to add a bit of color but that will be another project.

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Avalon School seeks to establish a just world by nurturing an equitable school community for students that inspires active learning, social justice, engaged citizenship, and hope for the future.

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Students create their own projects as a way to complete state requirements and pursue their passions.
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I was given a tremendous amount of freedom and flexibility, both in organizing my time during the day, and in pursuing the core standards in the way I found most interesting. As a student, I was treated as though I was capable of being independent and making my own decisions


Survey, 2023

Avalon encourages students who are committed to learning to meet and exceed their goals. For example, I graduated with almost 50 credits at the end of my senior year. I frequently exceeded my goals on the time I spent working on my learning through projects.


Survey, 2023

The small size allows for a lot of personal connection with and support from staff and for our son to have developed a solid group of friends, which he didn't have in his old school. I like the way academics are explored and how students are encouraged to think for themselves and take responsibility for their own learning to a good extent. The school feels like a real community, involving families in the school culture.


Survey, 2023

My education at Avalon didn't just encourage, but required me to be thoughtful in planning our projects and holding myself accountable for deadlines and deliverables while also stoking the fires of general curiosity.


Survey, 2023
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