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Minecraft Prom

Minecraft Prom

These are screenshots of the venue we have built for an online prom. While not yet complete, these give a fairly good idea of the final product. The event itself is scheduled for May 15; between now and then, more screenshots will likely be added to that folder. The "Buildings" subfolder has not been updated recently, but the "Progress Shots" (screenshots taken over the course of the project from the same positions and give an idea of how construction has progressed) are being updated fairly regularly and reach back to day 1.

Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly

I will get my pilots license, and give a presentation on the process.



I have been working on woodburning for a year and making this board for our Student of the Block display was a chance to try my skills on a bigger scale than I had done in the past. It is entirely wood burned and it took as many hours as a grade level project. I’m hopefully going to pain a boarder on some 2x4s to add a bit of color but that will be another project.

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Avalon School seeks to establish a just world by nurturing an equitable school community for students that inspires active learning, social justice, engaged citizenship, and hope for the future.

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Students create their own projects as a way to complete state requirements and pursue their passions.
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Graduation 2024!

Join us to celebrate the class of 2024!
June 6, 2024
6:00 pm
Hamline University's Sundin Music Hall
Join us to celebrate the class of 2024!
Tim Quealy - tim@avalonschool.org
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During my time at Avalon I was always encouraged to learn in a way that was most interesting to me. The focus on independent learning and the guiding of advisors on what could be an interesting approach to learning subjects made Avalon the best school that I have attended. Avalon was a great mixture of structured and independent learning that allowed me to take interesting courses on historical fiction, but also let me take topics into my own hands such as spending a year learning college math and working on making guides to help teach math to my peers in my advisory.


Survey, 2023

Avalon School's project-based learning platform gave me the freedom to pursue my passion for architecture. It also taught me how to set my own academic and professional goals; and be self-driven.


Survey, 2023

The inclusivity, the overall approach to learning, the staff is incredible.. I could go on and on.


Survey, 2023

Graduating from Avalon helped be take accountability for my success. The project based education I recieved was invaluable in my real world experience as an adult. Even when I didn't do the work because I thought it was beyond me, every teacher empowered me and believed in my success.


Survey, 2023
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