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The Great Migration

The Great Migration

An interactive map tracing the movements of Robert Pershing, a participant in the American Great Migration featured in Isabel Wilkerson's "The Warmth of Other Suns."

Junior Project: Realistic Art

Junior Project: Realistic Art

This slide presentation shows a timeline of my art process. Starting with the inspiration of my parents art, to the art I did before starting this project including realistic and anime styles. It then shows my beginning in exploration of realistic art, specifically in human face structures. The next slides show my work in my St.Kates PSEO drawing class and the work I did outside of class. The final piece was a way to bring in all I had learned. I took pictures around the Twin Cities at night with my friend Jiahong. I took those pictures and edited them together to create a singular reference. To up the challenge I decided to paint the final on a 4x4 ft canvas. The final slide is the result shown. I used gouache and acrylic paint.

Colonization of Mars

Colonization of Mars

This was a devliable I made for a project focused on rockets and colonizing mars, it is a rocket with a small engine in it, once it is at it highest altitude the nose cap comes off and a parachute comes out.

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Avalon School seeks to establish a just world by nurturing an equitable school community for students that inspires active learning, social justice, engaged citizenship, and hope for the future.

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Students create their own projects as a way to complete state requirements and pursue their passions.
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10/10 would go to high school there again.


Survey, 2023

I mostly appreciate that my student is so loved and supported by many wonderful teachers/staff there. It feels like home for her. And that she is given the opportunity to follow her interests and get credit for it.


Survey, 2023

I feel like being able to learn my own way empowered me to develop into the truest version of myself.


Survey, 2023

Avalon School's project-based learning platform gave me the freedom to pursue my passion for architecture. It also taught me how to set my own academic and professional goals; and be self-driven.


Survey, 2023
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