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Why Avalon?

student presenting to the community

Why Avalon?

Avalon School is an award-winning public school that has been serving students in St. Paul and beyond for over 20 years.


students split between grades 6-12, helping create a community where every student is valued.


years of successfully operating one of the most progressive and innovative programs in the country.


of families report Avalon as a safe and positive learning community every year.


Through an emphasis on creating a small, safe community, building meaningful relationships with adults, and allowing students to explore their passions, Avalon has kept students at the center of it's program since the very first.


student-to-teacher ratio building wide


independent projects designed, proposed, and presented by Avalon students every year.


possibilities when students take charge of their own learning.

student presenting to the community
student presenting to the community


Avalon has been a national leader in Teacher-Powered Schools for over 20 years.  We have no principal or director - instead, we make decisions collaboratively as a teaching staff.  We believe that those closest to the students should be the ones making the decisions!


staff work to support our students, including general education teachers, case managers, social workers, and paraprofessionals.


years of successfully operating one of the most progressive and innovative programs in the country.


years of experience teaching at Avalon shared by the licensed teaching staff – anaverage of over 10 years of experience per staff member.


With small class sizes, mixed-aged advisories, peer mediation, and restorative justice, Avalon is a community of learners building together.  We also encourage students to get beyond our walls and engage in the larger community through independent projects, service work, and internships.


senior projects with a community member serving as a subject expert on the project committee.

over 90%

of students reporting Avalon as a safe and positive learning community every year.


community Organizations engaged by students annually.

student presenting to the community


For further questions, please reach out to our enrollment coordinator, schedule a shadow experience, or come for a tour!

How do I apply to Avalon School?

Applying at Avalon is simple - just visit our SchoolAdmin portal, create an account, and then complete an application form online. 

You can fill out an application over the phone or in person by visiting or calling our front office at 651.649.5495 ext. 204. You can also call or text 651.217.8348 for enrollment help. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once your form has been submitted.

Does Avalon charge tuition fees?

As a public, non-profit charter school, Avalon is free for all students in the state of Minnesota.

What are the daily hours of Avalon?

Our regular school day starts at 9am and ends at 3:40pm. Our building is open on Monday-Friday from 7:30am to 4:30pm. 

If your student needs to wait for a ride after our building hours close, they are welcome to wait outside of our building or at a nearby coffee shop.

What about sports or extracurriculars?

In 2018-19 we added sports teams! Avalon has our own cross country running team, nordic ski team, and ultimate frisbee team. We have partnerships with nearby schools for girls volleyball, wrestling, baseball, and basketball.

Avalon offers a series of extracurricular activities that take place during and after regular school hours. These offerings change often, due to the fact that most clubs and groups are student-developed, led, and maintained.

What transportation does Avalon provide?

Avalon provides Metro Transit bus passes to all students who live more than 2.0 miles away from our school. The bus pass options include an unlimited ride pass, or a 10-ride pass for students who rely on public transit on a less than daily basis. 

Students and families must complete a transportation agreement form before being issued their desired bus pass. There is also an opportunity to opt-in to a car pool app in order to find Avalon families near you: Carpool Connector.

Still have questions?

Please reach our to our Enrollment Coordinator!

You can call or text 651.217.8348 for enrollment help, or email us at Enrollment@avalonschool.org.

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Avalon has been committed to student empowerment by giving students a choice of how they learn. Some students learn best in a classroom, and some learn best working on an independent project. Avalon gives students that choice. Avalon advisors also empowers students by going by their first name. This puts students and advisors on a more equal level, so students can see advisors as part of their community instead of someone who simply has authority over them.


Survey, 2023

Project based. Students are valued and considered individuals with different needs. The advisory concept. The true acceptance of students races , genders, disabilities.


Survey, 2023

The advisor model is very effective. My child has forged positive, supportive relationships with their advisors which helps them be successful in all their classes. There is also a great parent community at Avalon.


Survey, 2023

I love the relationships I get to build with students and families over time - it is so rewarding to see such growth!


Survey, 2023