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Visit Avalon

student presenting to the community

Visit Avalon

Avalon School is an award-winning public school that has been serving students in St. Paul and beyond for over 20 years. Come Visit!

Use the Tabs at the top to learn about each option.

It is not required to visit - choose what works best for your family!

Open House

Dates available on the tab above!


See 'Tours' Tab above for summer tour opportunities.


Students can choose to experience a day-in-the-life of an Avalon student for a few hours.

Open Houses

Open Houses begin with a presentation about project-based learning at Avalon.

Staff members from the middle school, high school, and special education department will be present and there will be an opportunity to ask questions.


Check back in the fall for Open House dates!


Check back in the fall for Open House dates!

student presenting to the community
student presenting to the community

Tour Avalon

Come for a short, guided tour with one of our staff and see Avalon in action!  Get your questions answered, talk to a few students, and meet some staff.

High School

Summer tours at 9am on July 10, July 24, and August 7. Sign up in  the Parent Portal.

Middle School

Summer tours at 9:45am on July 10, July 24, and August 7.  Sign up in the Parent Portal.

Student Shadows

Join us for a half day!​

Shadow dates in the high school are on alternating Tuesdays from 9-11:30am, and Thursdays from 1-3pm. In the middle school, we accept shadows on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, from 9-11am.​

(Note: if you have a MS and HS student shadowing at the same time, we can adjust the times to coordinate one pick up!).

(Additional Note: Shadowing is NOT required - it is an optional way to get a feel for the school.)

Sign up for a shadow experience through our Parent Portal.

student presenting to the community

Sign Up

Use the form below to sign up for an Open House, a guided tour, or a Shadow Experience for your student.​


Call/Text: 651.217.8348
Hear from current

Students, Families, & Staff


Avalon empowered me to be a creative problem solver, and to take charge of my own learning. Having to seek out and work with outside experts on my senior project was excellent practice going into college and forced me to get out of my bubble.


Survey, 2023

Avalon really gave me the tools to be a productive adult, advocate for myself and take learning into my own hands. When I was going through middle school I really struggled with public schooling, so when I made the move to Avalon I learned how to excel at what I do best and use project management skills to my advantage in my future.


Survey, 2023

Helpful with accommodating and being supportive of needs that I would not have been able to succeed without. Avalon was willing to accommodate me in ways that allowed me to succeed and have an equal education when I otherwise would not.


Survey, 2023

I always tell people I wouldn't have graduated on time if I hadn't gone to Avalon.


Survey, 2023