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Videos & Films about Avalon

A Tale of Two Charters, EdWeek

A Cure for the Common Classroom - a feature-length documentary premiering soon!

Avalon's Awards

Minnesota Association of Charter Schools' Innovation Award

2017 - New and Innovative Methods for Measuring Student Outcomes - Project Rubric

2019 -  Increase Learning Opportunities for Students - Senior Project


Outstanding Educator Awards
Four Avalon Advisors have won Outstanding Educator Awards for Ethics in Education.  Carrie Bakken, Tim Quealy, Gretchen Sage-Martinson, and Nora Whalen have been recognized as either state-wide or regional winners.


National Promising Practice Awards from Character Education Partnership

2009 - MN Award for our Student Governance Model 

2012 - MN and National Award for Project Based Learning within an Advisory System 

2013 - MN and National Award for ReadBrave Bookclub 

2014 - MN and National Award for the Feminism Club

2016 - MN and National Award for New Student Orientation

2019  - MN Award for Roundatble Discussion around Race, a partnership with Macalester College.


Extraordinary Achievement Award from Education Evolving (2017)

Academic Research about Avalon

Cultivating life skills at a project-based charter school

Scott Wurdinger, Walter Enloe - Improving Schools


Measuring life skills, hope, and academic growth at project-based learning schools

Ron Newell, En Sun Kim - Improving Schools


Can Teachers Run Their Own Schools?

Charles Kerchner, Claremont University


Where I Bloomed: Exploring Teacher Professional Vitality in the Teacher-Powered School

Sara Kemper, University of Minnesota

Books about Avalon

Deeper Learning: How Eight Innovative Public Schools Are Transforming Education in the Twenty-First Century by Monica Martinez, Dennis McGrath 


A Smarter Charter: Finding What Works for Charter Schools and Public Education by Richard Kahlenberg, Halley Potter


Trusting Teachers with School Success: What Happens When Teachers Call the Shots by Kim Farris-Berg, Edward Dirkswager

Deeper Learning, Deeper Leading by Walter Enloe

Articles about Avalon

Avalon School Profile, Pioneering Magazine

This is How You Empower Educators to Transform Education, Education ReImagined

What It's Like to Take Ownership of Your Own Learning, Center for Teaching Quality

And the Teachers Shall Lead, Teach to Lead, US Department of Education

The Original Charter School Vision, New York Times

To Improve Schools, Let Teachers Run Them, Washington Post

The Evolution of the Chartered School, EdWeek

The Teacher-Powered Schools Movement, Forbes

Lessons from the Innovators: Discussion Starters for Creating a Teacher-Powered School

Avalon School Board

Writings & Awards

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