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Our son has never felt this supported in a school setting before. He feels really seen, heard, and valued at Avalon. He has a wide variety of friends and opportunities through Avalon and is absolutely thriving! We can't thank the Avalon community enough for creating this kind of trusting and growth-minded community. 

Avalon Parent

Family Survey, 2023

The advisor model is very effective. My child has forged positive, supportive relationships with their advisors which helps them be successful in all their classes. There is also a great parent community at Avalon.

Avalon Parent

Family Survey, 2023

The small size allows for a lot of personal connection with and support from staff and for our son to have developed a solid group of friends, which he didn't have in his old school. I like the way academics are explored and how students are encouraged to think for themselves and take responsibility for their own learning to a good extent. The school feels like a real community, involving families in the school culture.

Avalon Parent

Family Survey, 2023

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