Geri Connelly

Geri was a member of the Avalon School Fan Club long before she joined the staff in 2004. As a public artist working with the Hamline Midway Community Council on a new streetscape design for Snelling Avenue, Geri listened in at community meetings where Hamline University staff talked about their plans for sponsoring a progressive, student centered, project based high school in the Midway neighborhood. At the time, she thought the idea sounded heaven-sent. Today she still thinks it is… for her and for the wise students who enroll at Avalon School.

Geri has been able to combine her passion for art and community activism by taking part in community initiated public art projects. You can see some of her collaborative work on the east side of St. Paul at the Phalen Poetry Park. Go over and have a seat in her giant book benches; you’ll be surprised how comfy they are!  Check out her newest work here:

In addition to her work in public art, Geri has been a tutor with migrant farm workers, an advocate for battered women and children, and an administrator in a nonprofit organization that provides subsidized housing for mobility impaired adults. She has taught art at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Community and Technical College and more recently at the Blake School and North High School in North St. Paul. She has a little white “dust mop” of dog named Rudy that will perform circus tricks if you tempt him with an oreo cookie.

Geri is currently on sabbatical in Ireland for the 2012-2013 school year and has limited email access.

Geri can be reached at


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