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Avalon advisors are happy to have found a school that allows them to work with students as individuals.  We get to watch them from a front row seat as they ignite their passion for learning and take off into the exciting world of project-based learning.  Here are a few words from a jealous professor at Macalester:

As a college professor (History, Macalester College), I have had many connections with Avalon, its faculty, and its students. I have advised students on independent research projects; I have been a guest speaker in classes; I have consulted with faculty on curriculum and projects; and I have had Avalon students in my Macalester classes as part of the College-in-the-schools programs. I have been consistently impressed and pleased. The students are genuinely able to direct their own learning and are intellectually curious and alive. The faculty respect the students and interact with me as peers. If I were a high school teacher, this is where I would want to work.

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