Awards and Recognition

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While we are always proud to receive such wonderful recognition, the most important feedback is for us comes from the graduates and families who come back and visit! 

Writings About Avalon

Deeper Learning 
At Avalon school, we are dedicated to “Deeper Learning”. Recently, we were profiled in a book about the subject: Deeper Learning. If you would like to find out more about deeper learning, check out this article from the Phi Delta Kappan magazine. We are also a teacher-powered school

A Smarter Charter 
Additionally, we were profiled in the recently released book, A Smarter Charter. We do not show up on the front page of their website, but if you check out the book at this link (or buy it!), you can search for Avalon and read about us there. 

Education Reimagined
In the spring of 2017, the journal Pioneering, produced by Education ReImagined, published a short profile on our program.  Read it here: Pioneering.

US Department of Education
The United States Department of Education recently profiled us on their website devoted to their “Teach to Lead” initiative. Check out that story here

The New York Times
The New York Times recently wrote an op-ed examining the original purpose of charter schools and gives a nice shout out to Avalon! 

The Washington Post 
The Washington Post visited school and detailed Avalon’s teacher-powered governance model.

Education Week
Avalon School was recently featured in the national publication Education Week as part of their coverage of the 25th Anniversary of charter schools.

Improving Schools
A research paper about Avalon was recently published on the Improving Schools website (March 11 Vol. 14 no.1). It was written by Scott Wurdinger and Walter Enloe. The abstract follows, and the full report can be read here

Surveys that focused on academic and life skill development were collected from alumni who attended Avalon Charter School in St Paul, Minnesota. Avalon is a small public charter school that uses project-based learning as their primary teaching method. Forty-two alumni responded to the online survey. Students ranked life skills such as creativity, problem solving, and time management extremely high, whereas academic skills such as note taking and test taking were ranked much lower. Students graduate from this school with a strong sense of purpose and self-confidence, which helps them become productive members of society.

Inside Avalon
Inside Avalon focuses on all the great things Avalon does! If you want to find out why Avalon is so great, read below, but DEFINITELY check out Inside Avalon School. A wonderful compilation of stories, studies and other publications by people who have been here; our founders, current advisors, former students, and national researchers are all featured.

Edited by Hamline University Education Professor Walter Enloe, Avalon alumna Holly Marsh, and educator David Pugh from Golden Hill Alternative Learning Center.  Many thanks to you all for making this possible! 


Outstanding Educator Awards

Three Avalon Advisors have won Outstanding Educator Awards for Ethics in Education! 
These awards come from WEM Foundation and you can read about them here. Carrie Bakken has recognized at the state-wide level, while Nora Whalen and Gretchen Sage-Martinson have both been regional winners.

National Promising Practice Awards

Avalon has won a number of Promising Practice Awards, both state-wide and on the national level. The state-wide awards come from Synergy & Leadership, while the national awards are from Character Education Partnership

Here is an overview: 

2009- MN Award for our Student Governance Model 

2012- MN and National Award for Project Based Learning within an Advisory System 

2013- MN and National Award for ReadBrave Bookclub 

2014- MN and National Award for the Feminism Club
2016- MN and National Award for New Student Orientation

Check out an article about the Minnesota schools here.

US News & World Report

Avalon awarded US News & World Report Bronze Medal for being among the best high schools in Minnesota! Way to go!

Avalon named High-Quality Charter School (HQCS)

Avalon School has been identified as a “High-Quality Charter School “ (HQCS) for the purpose of determining eligibility for a significant expansion/replication grant from Minnesota’s federal Charter Schools Program (CSP) grant project! This identification is based on a Comprehensive Performance Framework (CPF) that incorporates multiple measures of schools academic, operational and financial performance. Thirty-five (35) of Minnesota’s charter schools were identified as HQCS. To see a list of all 35 schools MDE designated as HQCS, see this list: MN HQCS.

Minnesota Association of Charter Schools' Innovation Award

Avalon was one of five schools to receive the first annual MACS Innovation Award for our authentic approach to to measuring student growth.  Read more about it here, or watch the video below.