PBL in Action - Student Videos

Here, an Avalon advisor explains Avalon's Farm to Table project.



Avalon believes that education exists beyond the walls of the classroom. Here, an Avalon student explains what he learned from an outside internship program.


Avalon School is teacher-powered, and we believe that for a school to be truly democratic, the students need power, too.  Here an Avalon student explains the importance of student voice, and how she chose to use it.



Avalon's Project-Based model allows for students to determine what they will learn, how they will learn, and how they will demonstrate their learning.  This approach recognizes that intelligence, aptitude, and success come in many forms, and many of those are not recognized in the traditional model of education.  Here, an Avalon student talks about his shift in self-efficacy and what it means to be valued in an educational model like Avalon's.



Avalon believes that for Project-Based Learning to be authentic and relevant to our students, projects need to have real world application.  We achieve this by setting students up with internships, asking students to work with community experts on their projects, and encouraging project work to be based around real-world, student interests.  Here, two Avalon students discuss a project in which they designed an Android app, with help from a professional programmer, to solve a problem in their community.