Schedule a Visit

Interested in learning more about either Project-Based Learning or our Teacher-Powered School?  

There are several ways to proceed:

  • Tours on Fridays at 9:  These can be tailored to explore either PBL or Teacher-Powered schools. Call (651.649-5495 ext. 204) or email Gretchen to schedule a tour. If Fridays at 9 do not work for you, we also give tours to prospective parents on Tuesdays at 11:20 or Wednesdays at 2:45.  You are free to join either of those tours if those times work better you.  Cost: free.

  • Half-day Immersion Visits to explore Teacher-Powered Schools or Project-Based Learning (or both!):  The visit includes a tour as well as time to talk to staff members and students about our model and how it impacts learning at Avalon. These visits can also include time shadowing advisors to see PBL in action at Avalon.  Call (651.649-5495 ext. 204) or email Gretchen to schedule an immersion visit.  Cost: $75/person. Call for group rates.

  • Full-day Immersion Visit- see this page about our March 8 event.