Schedule a Visit

Interested in learning more about either Project-Based Learning or our Teacher-Powered School?  

There are several ways to proceed:

  • Tours on Tuesdays at 9:  These can be tailored to explore either PBL or Teacher-Powered schools. Call (651.649-5495 ext. 204) or email Gretchen to schedule a tour. If Tuesdays at 9 do not work for you, we also give tours to prospective parents on Tuesdays at 11:20 or Wednesdays at 2:45.  You are free to join either of those tours if those times work better you.  Cost: free.

  • Half-day Immersion Visits to explore Teacher-Powered Schools: These begin early on Thursday with a staff meeting.  After the staff meeting, participants will meet with a staff member who will discuss our teacher powered model.  The visit includes a tour as well as time to talk to staff members and students about our model and how it impacts learning at Avalon.  Call (651.649-5495 ext. 205) or email Carrie to schedule an immersion visit. Cost: $75/person.  Call for group rates. 

  • Half-day Immersion Visits to explore Project Based Learning: These visits can be scheduled on Fridays. The visits include a tour, time to talk to staff and students about learning in a PBL setting, and an opportunity to shadow an advisor to see PBL in action at Avalon.  Call (651.649-5495 ext. 204) or email Gretchen to schedule an immersion visit.  Cost: $75/person. Call for group rates.

  • Full-day Immersion Visit- see this page about our March 8 event.