Path to Graduation

Students graduate from Avalon by successfully satisfying two requirements: first, students must earn 40 total credits; and second, students must a complete every required standard.  


In order to graduate from Avalon, students need to earn at least 40 credits by the end of their senior year.  One earned-credit is the equivalent of 100 hours of work. Students earn credit through both projects and seminars by completing work and logging their hours in Project Foundry. Because students record their own time logs, the credit students earn is directly related to how many hours they work on that seminar or project.  For example, an independent project might take the student 37 hours to complete. Upon finalization, that student would earn .37 credits.


The state of Minnesota requires that students complete a wide variety of graduation standards in order to earn a diploma. Students can earn standards through either seminars or projects. While managing all of the requirements can seem overwhelming, each student has an advisor to help - it is the advisor's job to help monitor progress and provide guidance throughout the student's high school career.  It is wise to address some standards in each of the core areas (Math, Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts) every year.